Jan 22, 2008

Mickey Avalon – “Mr. Right” (video)



  1. Chaps

    Agreed he definitely needs a new album asap! The video is what I would expect!

  2. ceej

    Is that really Paris Hilton or an impersonator?

  3. Chaps

    I would be very surprised if it was not the real Paris Hilton. It looked real to me and that would not be a stretch for him to have her in his video.

  4. Balzac

    can someone explain this guy to me?

    i can’t see the appeal.

    i could probably write better raps than this guy.

  5. professor defbeat

    I want to hear the stuff he did with jermaine dupri

  6. LeShelle

    That is really Paris Hilton. If you ever looked at the second season of The Simple Life he was on there with her. So she returned the favor and appeared in his video.

  7. Balzac

    that jermain dupri and young jeezy shit was just a commercial.

  8. professor defbeat

    i don’t know who young jeezy is but thats too bad.

  9. workturkey

    he does too much heroin

  10. hmmer

    dont like avalon, but at least this dude made me laugh

  11. johhny

    fuck you guys mickey avalons the man

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