May 5, 2009

Mini MPC 2000XL / SP1200 flash drives




    ahh man that’s awesome

    not as cool as the giant silver mpc rings though haha

  2. Werd…only thing that sucks is if you lose the cap to your flash drive – which seems to happen to me all the time!

    God bless those slider USB drives.

  3. They look awesome but would basically be a waste of USB ports on a laptop.. the ‘wideness’ of them would cover up neighboring ports.. My laptop only has 2 USB, so it would basically cut the other one right off. :P

  4. I just got an email from the dude who created the things and he says Akai just sent him a cease and desist letter on the MPC 2000XL model. So basically if you want an MPC one you need to pre-order it by the end of the week.


    i was just thinkin that akai wouldn’t be having this

  6. Ah man…all he’s gotta do is take the AKAI and MPC 2000XL labels off there. I’m sure they’d be cool after that…


  7. Fuck, I’m going to order one ASAP… Fuck you NUMARK! (aka Akai)


    akai went downhill since numark took over

  9. im the guy behind these, yes fuck numark. corp assholes. really was unimpressed when we offered to license/pay for the rights. apparently they felt that the mpc 2kxl’s “likeness” was threatened. infact… we are preserving something that they fucked up bad (made the mpc blue and discontinued) Id like everyone who even remotely wants one to pick one up since its a one time deal. well go underground and dump these things. the sp1200 is safe for now, but like I said. I did this not to make money but because it was a great idea and its novelty item that the hip hop community can’t and should not pass up. so happy corporate America has once again squandered the entrepreneurial dream!

  10. deejay emoh betta

    ha. ill. i agree they would take up space but they do look sick!

  11. i don’t know man, $50 U.S. for this?? a little steep

  12. I bought one so I can sell it on eBay at christmas time.

  13. I ordered mine… mantra has the right idea!


    Aaaha sweet deal 65 dollars for a fucking 4 gig USB stick have fun with that on ebay

  15. So dope. I considered buying one but $65 is just insane considering I already have the real deal and unless this pocket sized USB drive could actually make beats as well I pretty much have no use for it and if I did well you can get 4gb sticks on ebay for 99 cents (including shipping)-

    “I did this not to make money but because it was a great idea and its novelty item that the hip hop community can’t and should not pass up”

    The price is pretty hectic so I can and will pass it up. No offense, they look great but with a price like this you are obviously marking up the price big time compared to what it costs to manufacture and the only reason to do that would be….to make money.


    well, in all fairness… he’s probably not making a KILLING but, even still, the price is outrageous. and there’s no way canada should be lumped into the “international” shipping category.

  17. programming music on that second one must be a suck with those little buttons on there

  18. if i could afford one, i’d bu it just cause they look cool.

    pretty much.

  19. Cesar

    Any numark products suck! Do not buy them! I am a DJ and had all their stuff break with no support from the co.


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