Sep 11, 2009

More Or Les & Fresh Kils – “Pop and Chips” feat. Ghettosocks, Timbuktu & Uncle Fester


Lithium Studios presents “Pop N Chips” video, fresh from the Les-Kils EP, featuring More Or Les, Fresh Kils, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu & Uncle Fester!! Directed by Darrell Faria, produced by Mike MacMmillan, edited by Jonathan Eagan.


  1. Wicked impressive video!

  2. Glad it’s up here… Backburner deserves some love.

  3. Damn, this sounds really fresh, everyone kills this! No pun intended…
    I can’t count how many times I’ve spilled beer on Timbuktu…ahahha…thumbs up gents!

  4. max prime

    i think this is the second huge posse cut video more or les has been in, the other one being with wordburgler. not bad!

  5. Saskatoon is magic

    love more or less

  6. chaps

    Awesome video so many good parts! I scooped this ep from More or Les and it is awesome!

  7. chris plus

    dis is fuckin sweeeeeeeeeet!

  8. I loved every second of this. Dope from top to bottom. Those killer handstyle graphics topped this off for me.

  9. Fatmike

    This video is incredible. Slow down Kils you’re killing ’em.

  10. Royal-T

    this shit is wicked, dope vid

  11. Those tour dates are long out of date…

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