February 12, 2016

Mr. Lif – “Whizdom” feat. Blacastan (prod. Edan)

The first single from Mr. Lif’s upcoming album, Don’t Look Down (pre-order now – drops April 15).

Mr. Lif – Verse 1

I hold futures
Throw sutures at wounds
Open tombs
Let spirits loom
Ancestors walk in the room
Talking of gloom
A dash of optimism if I rock the rhythm
The griot flowed, so I stopped to listen
Tales from then
Those remain the lessons of now
Questions like “how”
Accumulate like sweat on your brow
Cumulus clouds
The precursors
to three verses
The breeze made the trees nervous
The seas surfaced

As whales walk on land
And talk like man
This one guy who thought he could fly
He hopped off dams
Successfully lands
Causing all his critics to cringe
Cynics’ll sing
The eagle shared a pair of his wings

As the properties of all fall to unpredictability
I find myself suprisingly at peace in this vicinity
balanced at the crest of possibility
I let ALL I know go
and did so willingly


Musical formulas
I project

Mr. Lif – Verse Two

I see codes
Clear as there’s an ebb and a flow
Extend my arms to cradle knowledge that we never will know
And from my fingertips drips
Upon dawn’s lips
Nuclear grips on her bronze hips
As she lusts for the dusk
The the light becomes cosmic
The beams gleam data?
Then prophets switch topics
Stop to just watch it
and marvel in awe
If I’m asleep when I hear a beat,
It tastes like stars

I’m Pi with these bars
I’m slightly ajar
you want more
.one four
The decimals of luster and lore

As decibels pour
Through speaker cones
To leave you clones
DNA poem
Coffers of capillaries & bone

Offer ancillaries and tones
that are pliable
The sky is too low
That’s why dimensions keep my fires aglow

As the answers float just beyond halcyon
My knowledge drifts
as I glimpse at the cliffs of Albion


Musical formulas
I project

Blacastan – Verse Three

My mind state bubble over
beats like Maxine

Stay clear of the trouble
in the streets the vaccine

Enters your bloodstream
through headphone cords
or wireless charge

Blac appears like a mirage,
Park the horse drawn chariot
in the garage

Like Maximus with faceplates,
face my mistakes

With no regrets
Russian roulettes,
with lit cigarettes

I wrote the type of antidote
you can’t forget
Like my message to the people

Hare Krishna’s for Beatles,
swung the cape
released it on the 2″ tape

Now… Protons and neutrons form
the right bomb

While me, Lif, and Edan form
the right bond

My thoughts go beyond
what was wrote in Qu’rans

Any emcee who disagree with me
wave your arm

Take a sec to chop it up so we could hang like Saddam

Welcome to showbiz
now break a leg like Vietnam