July 14, 2017

Myka 9 & Freematik – Teleported

Stream three tracks from the new Myka 9 & Freematik album, Teleported – Out July 28 (pre-order).

“Teleported” is a collaboration between producer Freematik, who in addition to producing music, has created a motion comic series “Dark Moon” to combine his musical ideas along with amazing sci-fi / horror artwork and a gripping story, and Myka 9, the legendary hip-hop M.C., who has always incorporated the universe of science fiction and storytelling into his music.

The result is a classic hip-hop album that fuses a number of science fiction and story concepts, including the Dark Moon story, with the music, to take the reader on a journey that is unlike any other.

Some of the tracks, such as “Transported” and “This Dark Moon”, for example, are solidly based on the Dark Moon motion comic universe, while other tracks are hints at other possible stories that are part of alternate universes related to Dark Moon. Still other tracks are about normal earthbound subjects, so the result is a diverse collection of tracks, while still keeping the worlds of science fiction and comics at its core.