Dec 29, 2011

Necro – “No Concern”



  1. Avatar orca


  2. Avatar G money

    Now I feel like shooting up pills and fighting gay men. I also have the strangest inkling to paint my face like a clown. What is wrong with me? Why would you post this on your web page?

  3. Avatar uno

    Borderline horrible…

  4. I like this better than the death metal/rap hybrid of music he’s been releasing lately. Video could have been more impressive.

  5. Avatar Phil Harmonic.

    What a bunch of fags.

  6. Avatar Royal-T

    weak beat/vid but whats with all the necro hate….dude’s one of the best producers of the last 20 years and he’s a better rhymer than 95 percent of the garbage powder puff artsy fartsy soft wusss rappers that usually get posted here. i guess if he sang some sentimental emo fag shit off key on some sad ass depressing beat you fools would be all over it.

    • Avatar rajbot

      ever heard of a genre called goreporngrind? go listen to that and enjoy it if you’re not a poseur. 6666

    • Avatar staas

      I like some necro stuff but this track is really bad, it’s not good enough to be on one of those old rare demos and freestyles cds… and it’s a single, not likely to check out the new release after hearing this

    • Avatar Royal-T

      yo i agree this is a weak necro beat/track….and necros far from consistent with the rhymes and songs in general….beats are usually crazy nice though and once in a while he drops some really dope rhymes and songs…..this ain’t one of those times but still way better than artsy emo fag rap that gets props on here when posted.

    • Avatar rajbot

      you’re using the word fag because it’s in vogue right now, right? no? what about murder dogg magazine? hawd.core.alt.rap I think is the proper nomenclature you can bing search. ugsmag might not be appropriate for your raging hetero ass.

    • Avatar Royal-T

      calm your ass down. the word fag is in vogue? news to me. i been on ugsmag for 10 years duke. I laugh at how people that used to be rappers singing off key to emo beats get props on here and Necro gets dissed…..I’m nowhere near a big Necro fan but there’s no denying he’s an ill producer and has made some dope songs.

    • Avatar rajbot

      Sir, you don’t see me strolling into a lion’s den trying to rash/get amped on some “Darn, I can’t believe these buster ass lions are all up in here. Why these lambs always getting ate, yo?” If you really didn’t know, ugsmag is a place that cuts through a large swathe of underground material. You are being disingenuous, yes? Also, I heard there is a necro forum where you can defend him against democrats, fags, moralists, vampires, robots, and Michael Moore. Good luck!

    • Avatar Royal-T

      again i don’t care about necro enough to do that, i haven’t listened to his shit for years and again i been here since a year after this site started i’m well aware of what ugs is about….there used to be a wider range of music including raw hip hop shit posted and no old rappers singing poorly over depressing beats or rapping like shit over techno…that will never be worthy of recognition imo. if you’re gonna sing cool but be good at it and don’t try to pass it off as rap cause you used to rap and if you’re gonna rap on techno beats that’s cool but rap good. ps: i use the word fag cause it brings me joy to offend sensitive bitches like yourself.

  7. Avatar lord

    Yall know why Necro always talks about gay people, right;) He thinks about it all the time.

  8. Avatar The r

    Not a huge Necro fan but I love this track.

  9. Avatar bloodcellbandit

    rajbot is sure one sensitive faggot

  10. Avatar billy

    fuck metal like robot porn


    Nu-Metal is so shitty.

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