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August 6, 2009

Night Of The Living Bassheadz – “Shut Off The Machine”

Video from Edmonton’s Night Of The Living Bassheadz, directed by Dan Spadofora.

6 Responses

  1. I’m really looking forward the the Bassheadz album this October. I went into their home to record a verse for “Modern Day Slave” and David and Jamie played some pieces for me. It’s good! But it’s so dark. This is going to be some of the grimmest shit you’ve ever heard.

  2. Word. I’ve only heard a few tracks (I think J soul is one of the select few who have actually heard the entire thing…) But word on the street is its crazy grimey.

  3. werd – it’s true. This record is not like anything I’ve heard from another Edmonton group or artist. The production is grimey as hell, and the lyrics are great! These guys are doing great things for Edmonton, DJ AA and Nes-One have been putting it down and laying groundwork for a lot of things in the community including WSW!

    Hopefull they’ll start doing more local spots, cuz they have a great energy onstage as well!