Feb 17, 2010

Nine:Fifteen ft. Sergia Louise Anderson – “Nasty Boy” video



  1. Blau

    Wow, that’s serious.

  2. candlewax_recs

    @ugsmag Big up UGSMAG for gettin us out there!

  3. Good video, bad music…

  4. I shouldn’t like this song but I do. I should like this video but I don’t.

  5. Not crazy about the video or song, but the most of the other tracks on this album are banging!

  6. horrible music..sexy brod

  7. Blau

    Definitely not on some ol backpacking rappity rap shit. I suppose when you’re that far ahead of the game, it takes a while for the others to catch up.

    Innovate. Not recreate.

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