Apr 27, 2012

Nova Rockafeller – “The Town”


Video from her album Insufficient Funds.


  1. dim

    bitvh, shut up. i don’t the dick to bitches like this, who gave her a mic?

  2. dim

    insert ‘give’ somewhere in there.

  3. Rickrooster

    This is actually ok.

  4. Rickrooster

    And better than anything IP has ever done.

  5. white knight

    i’m not mad at this. not something i would listen to but shes come a long way

  6. i noticed she tagged
    the video with
    kreayshawn and nicki minaj

  7. Rickrooster

    She’s the next one, yo.

  8. Keep my name outta ya mouth 2″

    Nova be grindin’

  9. dim

    ^this. hahaha. whatta yolk.

  10. dim

    ^ doesn’t know integrity.

  11. ^ mentally challenged.

  12. Rickrooster

    ^ 1 inch.

  13. lingy.

    sorry, was that a rap video or an american apparel ad?

  14. Pwnie-Boy

    Nova – “So do you think that was good? Like I could do this for like….a living?”

    Woodrow Bonner – “Yeah! Totally yeah. I’d stand up to congratulate you on your performance but just pulled a muscle.”

  15. the-girl-next-door

    I dont wanna hate on her game (cause Im far from a hater) but in terms of her videos I’m sorta done with her glasses, rolling around on beds and such, pointing and jirating her head, etc, with her toy jewlery. Just need more substanance in my humble opinion

  16. Droopzilla

    I love when 12 year old girls make bedroom eyes and rub on their A-cups.

  17. Ricky Spanish

    This whole persona is garbage. Music sucks too.

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