Nov 23, 2008

Novel – “I Am” (feat. Ben Folds, Talib Kweli & Spree Wilson) [video]



  1. endub

    ahhh nuthins better then wakin up to a dope new to song…:) big ups

  2. I don’t like the squirrel singing on the chorus one bit.

  3. jawns b

    when I was 15 and I was depressed, I listened to Westside Connection. Talib Kweli is corny these days (and he’s from Ohio, not BK). The singing is weak-sauce, but I’m not a fan of Ben Folds.

  4. Hi-tek and Mood are from Cincinnati, not Talib.

  5. endub

    hey jawnsB learn your shit dude ohio?? wtf are you smoking man lol i want some

    Talib Kweli
    AKA Talib Greene

    Born: 1975
    Birthplace: Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

  6. max prime

    this is disney rap, enterperneur edition. not feelin it.

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