November 23, 2008

Novel – “I Am” (feat. Ben Folds, Talib Kweli & Spree Wilson)

Video for Novel “I Am” featuring Ben Folds, Talib Kweli and Spree Wilson off of The Audiobiography…, coming Soon. Directed By Philip Sportel, produced by Novel with Ben Folds on the piano and hook.

7 Responses

  1. when I was 15 and I was depressed, I listened to Westside Connection. Talib Kweli is corny these days (and he’s from Ohio, not BK). The singing is weak-sauce, but I’m not a fan of Ben Folds.

  2. hey jawnsB learn your shit dude ohio?? wtf are you smoking man lol i want some

    Talib Kweli
    AKA Talib Greene

    Born: 1975
    Birthplace: Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY