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March 1, 2011

Odd Future Gets Signed

“They’re like Nicki Minaj with dicks…”

25 Responses

  1. haha they pulled it off at the end. I heard they got signed to a 1 album deal with XL.

  2. He probably read that XXL blog post that got swiftly removed because it was mis-informed and retarded.

  3. looks like url posting isn’t allowed in comments.

    second hit on google if you type “icp odd future xxl”

  4. I had to stop reading that article once dude admitted to only having heard the song Odd Future did on Jimmy Fallon (which he couldn’t hear) and “Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse. Nothing like talking out of your ass with no facts.

    I could maybe see comparisons made to Necro or early Cage or something, rappers that ICP could have been compared to at one time for their horrorcore tendencies, but there’s just so little to connect ICP with OFWGKTA. The comparisons dude draws between the two could be pulled from a disparate number of artists that are barely alike at all. I mean, for the comparisons he makes, we might as well say ICP isn’t much different from G.G. Allin, and we all know how ridiculous that comparison is…

  5. I should’ve known that Byron Crawford was the writer. He’s been an agitator from day one. This is what happens when you give a troll a legit job. Fuck him.

  6. ^^^
    you’re not the first person i’ve heard mention that about him. whats his deal? did he used to write for a magazine?

  7. A much better analysis of Odd Future:


    “Certainly, Odd Future is on to something interesting, a teenage rebellion that’s both playfully childish and deeply troubling, that’s knowingly performative yet disarmingly sincere. … But to give this thing a name before it’s had a chance to fully blossom–whether that name is punk or “horrorcore” or something else entirely–is to do a disservice to some very promising young artists working to construct an aesthetic on their own terms.”

  8. ya thats basically what the article was saying. its a “new” type of movement but the only thing the older generation have to compare it with is punk rock. they share similarities but definitely are different.

  9. @Balzac: “they share similarities but definitely are different.”
    Yeah, I see that, too.
    That Byron Crawford is an OG rap blogger, from when blogs like Can I Bring My Gat (R.I.P) and So Many Shrimp were on the rise. Being a reactionary shit disturber is his “writing style”. I think that’s why XXL digs him; he gets folks riled up.

  10. Byron Crawford is fucking hilarious…damn near everything he says is just some ol bullshit to kick up shit, entertaining dude tho.

  11. Sure, his shit causes controversy, but it’s poor writing that shouldn’t be on a site associated with a magazine of the calibre of XXL. This is the type of writing you see on some amateur blog or a message board post.

    Of course I’m saying that having only read most of that one article. But it was such a baseless comparison that I just couldn’t read on.

  12. I don’t think the listening audience has the attention span to have another dynasty like Wu Tang emerge again.

    1. very true, it’s not like the people that are praising these guys are going to actually buy the new cd when it comes out anyways.