Sep 22, 2009

OK Cobra – “I Quit (I Give Up)” video



  1. chris plus

    looks like saskatoon made a bigger impression on canadian hip hop than people would like to admit

    • I think you meant to say “looks like Mortal Combat made a bigger impression on canadian hip hop than people would like to admit”

      Song is dope! i need to pick up this album!

  2. chris plus

    no i meant saskatoon. shout out to the Write Brothers

  3. ^ you mean Write Brothers as in Dren and Nolto’s old crew..?
    I dont follow..?

  4. Boo

    If yous be sayin dat dis be like dat Saskatoon shit, ah yea, dat’s dat saskatoon shit. From Toronto?

  5. O......K.......

    Who the fuck talks like dat?^^^

  6. Boo

    Real hood muhfuckas. You gots problems wit my ill speech skillz?

  7. Sounds like some London shit to me!!!….Fritz pretty much put London on the map as far as a hip hop scene goes and has paid more dues than most care to even consider…see In Search of Divine Styler mag etc…better check yourself is rad

  8. Boo

    Yea, yo, check yoself. London stand up!

  9. NanoWheelChair

    this reminds me of the cf crew saskatoon saskatoon

  10. chris plus

    Where did I say I didn’t like the song ? Of course I liked it, it reminded me of some old school saskatoon shit for some reason and I thought that was cool but thanks for the history lesson on fritz dood I never knew anything about canaidan hip hop until you posted that

    again thanks


  11. we_all_sound_the_same

    Id say Bolts and Fritz put London on the “map”. But then everyone started sounding so much like them that it made me wanna throw up.

  12. Boo

    Yea, yo, we gots to expands ours minds ands ours souls sos wes cans puts canadas backs ons thes maps internationallys withs hip-hopz

  13. wtf? Where did I say you didn’t like the song?! I’m simply stating that Fritz has his own swag…Your post was straight up provocative, how did you not expect someone to call you out?! Boo, what in hells half acre are you on about?

  14. Boo

    Itz simples mathematics, yo, sun, frealz. if wes gon bes legit as a nations in dis hip-hopz game (but it aints no game), wes gots to unite. yo. saskatoonz to londonz. iz all goodz. fresh.

  15. O......K.......

    aahhhh Ali G talks like that Iz gets it.

  16. Boo

    Dont no no Ali G, But soundz coolz

  17. Real hood muhfuckas. You gots problems wit my ill speech skillz?

    ‘ill speech skillz’ is my new late 80’s rap crew name.

  18. Saskatoon is magic

    Saskatoon has nothing but love for London rap biggup matt labatt and his crew and thesis and toolshed

  19. word up fritz! good to see new music coming out.

    i love the midpoint of the vid where it goes all crazy

    the video concept really fits the tune

  20. Nolto

    Saskatoon loves Fritz and OK Cobra.

    Write Brothers? wow, that’s going back some 10 years or more.

  21. fritztopher reeves

    i love saskatoon.

  22. fritztopher reeves

    ps. we’re on tour and trying to find a show in saskatchewan during the last week of october. anyone?

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