Oct 29, 2008

Pacewon and Mr. Green – “Children Sing” [video]



  1. Nolto

    This was by far my favorite song on the album. The beat is insane.
    So good.

  2. max prime

    AMAZING song. whats the name of the album?

    pace just killed it.

  3. apathetic

    Wow Ill track, Outsidas!!! Man I wish he would have pulled that sample out for like 4 bars or something. But still that was an ill beat.

  4. Chaps

    Hey Max the rest of teh albumis equally incredible and the titile is “the only color that matters is green” it is written in the text below the video ;)! This is such a solid album.

  5. max prime

    wicked Im gonna get a grip of it. Chaps FTW!

  6. outsidaz were the sickest click. pacewon’s the man, this song is so dope.

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