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February 15, 2010

Planit & The Dirty Sample – Two Blue Apes

Planit & The Dirty Sample – Two Blue Apes

Planit’s new album Two Blue Apes is out today. Featuring beats by his producer alias, The Dirty Sample, and guest features from Touch, Chadio, and Cam the Wizzard. Get it now from Neferiu Records for just $3.

<a href="http://neferiu.bandcamp.com/album/the-dirty-sample-two-blue-apes">Canadian Gorilla by Neferiu Records</a>

1. Canadian Gorilla (1:13)
2. Hmph (1:30)
3. Two Bucks Ft. Touch (2:33)
4. Cooking Interlude (0:33)
5. King Ballou (0:59)
6. Snowball Effect (2:45)
7. Stupid Interlude (0:20)
8. Gary (1:58)
9. Just Like You (1:25)
10. Balaclava’s for Paychecks (3:43)
11. Infested (1:20)
12. A Message From Carl (0:49)
13. Visions pt. 1 (2:29)
14. Wake Up ft. Chadio (2:52)
15. Hunting Cats (2:14)
16. Get a Soul (0:41)
17. Time to Get Ill (2:49)
18. Death Came to My Doorstep (2:10)
19. Drown (0:53)
20. Old & Heavy (2:31)
21. Visions pt. 2 Ft. Cam the Wizzard (2:59)
22. Brass Waterbed (2:37)
23. Gorilla Recognition (1:01)


22 Responses

  1. Gotta love those dirty sample beats! Good work man. Just finished downloading it, lookin forward to hearing the whole thing.

  2. Planit’s beats are some of, if not, the best in Canadian rap right now…..dope to hear him on the rhymes again since the majority of recent shit has been him making beats for others or instrumental shit

  3. Before waking up humming that beat I had a dream I was swallowed whole by a giant anaconda. I didn’t wake up when it ate me, instead I could feel it’s acidic stomach beginning to break down my body and I crawled out. It’s the only nightmare I’ve had for a long time that I actually woke up from feeling scared.

  4. Still bumpin this. The more I do the more I realise the variety of styles as well as the really nice mixing/mastering of the tracks for example the Balaclava’s for Paychecks beat really stands out.

  5. I’m pretty sure I didn’t master this. i was asked to but then I think he changed his mind. i only did the royal t one, i think

  6. LOL, word – I am absolutely humbled and consider it a complete compliment, but that was me on the mastering tip, yo.

    Glad you enjoy it and like I said nothing but completely honored to be compared to someone i consider incomparable. 😉

    Now who told you Nato did it, cuz if it was Josh, ima smackim.