Jan 19, 2010

Plex – “Spare Change” (feat. Rellik, Touch and Leemai) video



  1. Cosm

    Thumbs up. Gotta love the Chicago sample.

  2. Jar3tt

    Real slick! Proppers.

  3. Plex

    Thanks dudes. I bought this little Canon HV40 to shoot Rellik’s and Touch’s scenes. My buddy is a steady cam operator and we just walked around Queen st for most of my shots.


      I’ve got an HV40 too!! shit’s tight. we’re brothers

    • jessica

      yo plex whats good man? im in toronto, doing an essay on native canadians and i wanted to use your song to promote positive lifestyle but i need the lyrics. think u can email it to me?

    • Plex

      What’s your email, Jessica?

    • Jackie

      I never would’ve heard of you if I wasn’t surfin the web, checking out Litefoot saw your pic clicked on it, watched your videos and I thought your head gear in better days? was interesting to say the least. u funny. l8r. best of luck to ya!

  4. iraleeiswack

    Good job homies!

  5. InfoRed

    Dope dope vid plex, mr lafontaine crushed that hook!!! mucho proppas!!


  6. ApeFace

    So Good me really likey!

  7. nice work!! send it to much.

  8. Punkbastard Plex

    I got people working on it. Thanks everyone.

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