August 28, 2009

Psynlangwage – “Break Your Face” video

This video will make you smile, love it! We posted a few tracks from these guys a while back, now Psynlangwage has their first video from the album Speak With Our Hands.

“It’s impossible to understand this video after watching it only once. 9 out of 10 people agree that you may have to watch it about 48 times to fully understand all of the symbolism and metaphor within this piece. You may ask why 48 and I’d answer ‘because’. There’s no actual reason for you to be arguing over the internet so just sit tight, smoke some drug(s) and relax. Look, yeah it’s a large number but hey you’ve spent your time reading this far anyway, you might as well watch it again. Our inspiration is destruction….or something to that effect. PSYN UP!” — PsynLangwage

7 Responses

  1. haha this is the shit. I’d definately bring out the plastic weapons and go LARPing with these peeps after kicking raps.