Nov 28, 2009

Ricca Razor Sharp – “Do You In The 80’s” video



  1. 1stchoice

    This is nice. well done.


    awesome hahaha

  3. max prime

    oh god, that is mighty greasy

  4. Cosm

    Dopeness indeed!

  5. sick! really well done.

  6. Ha Ha, mighty greasy indeed. Thank you to my respected western canadian emcees for finding the good humour in this.

  7. That was fun! lovin’ it…

  8. hahaha nice. perfect vid for the joint, good job.

  9. Fatt Matt

    nice work, scotia!

  10. the-girl-next-door

    Halar…Loved it Ricca. I did the robot. Your hair looked dope!!

  11. If anyone is looking to shoot a video in Calgary, let me know!

    – Colin

  12. Dope Video…

    I have a feeling this will become a HUGE Viral video.


  13. alter

    best track suit of 09

  14. This was a lot of fun to watch! Thank you!

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