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April 22, 2008

Rock the Bells 2008 Tour

The line-up and tour dates for the 2008 version of Rock the Bells have just been announced. This year is highlighted by a reunion of The Pharcyde and will feature performances by A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, De La Soul, Rakim, Method Man & Redman, Raekwon & Ghostface, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Murs, Kidz In The Hall, Spank Rock, Santogold, Kid Sister, Wale, Flosstradamus, Jay Electronica, The Cool Kids with hosts B-Real of Cypress Hill and Supernatural. Tour Kicks off in Chicago July 19th and features two Canadian dates (Vancouver and Toronto).

Sat 7/19 – Chicago, IL
Sun 7/20 – Toronto, ON
Sat 7/26 – Boston, MA
Sun 7/27 – New York, NY
Sat 8/2 – Miami, FL
Sun 8/3 – Philadelphia, PA
Sat 8/9 – Los Angeles, CA
Sat 8/16 – San Francisco, CA
Sat 8/23 – Denver, CO
Sat 8/30 – Vancouver, BC

Rock the Bells 2008 Tour

16 Responses

  1. k seriously. im going to this. dead serious. the vancouver date is one im def gonna go to. ive got my money saved already.

  2. why the fuck would it roll to calgary, out of all of the possible places in North America…?
    im definately going to Vancouver show.

  3. I wanna check it out, probably in Van, unfortunately alot of these acts are NOT playing at the Van City show (according to Rock the Bells website) including Red & Meth, Ghost & Rae, De La Soul, and Immortal Technique

  4. skizza u sure a lot of them arent playing in Van? i couldnt find that on the website anywhere, although i did read somewhere the gov hasnt let Technique into Canada.. anyone know anything about this?

  5. i also noticed that earlier big skizz. heres what i can show yall right from the site.

    Saturday – August 30th – Vancouver, BC Canada – Venue To be Announced

    On-Sale Saturday May 17 at 10AM

    a pretty damn stellar line up still id say though. knew the whole bill comin to other cities would be too good to be true. but im still hittin it up. word u.peace.

  6. Go to their website (www.guerillaunion.com/rockthebells) and click on the “acts” section, you can scroll through and each act has a list of the dates they’ll be performing at (so by process of elimination, if the date isn’t on those individual lists I’d assume they’re not performing that event.) They’re bound to add more acts to the bill by then anyway though.

  7. Skizza, are you sure that they will add more acts to the bill by then? Is that normal for Rock the Bells? I’ve never been so I wouldn’t know.

  8. About to leave for Rock The Bells in Toronto… Tickets In Hand…
    Hope The Sh*t Can Live Upto The Hype.


  9. For my birthday my boyfriend had purchased the V.I.P tickets for the July 21st 2008 Rock The Bells tour in Toronto at the International Congress Centre. My boyfriend thought it would be nice to treat his friend too that works hard to take care of his mother and sister. We all were counting down the minutes until the day finally arrived. Highly recommend the V.I.P, well worth the money. Bring your cash too as they sell a four ticket maximum per person to purchase at a time. The line up in non V.I.P. was over an hour long wait to access the Budweiser tent area. I know this because my sister and her boyfriend and friends did not have V.I.P tickets. We hardly ever go out. We were fortunate enough to have the money to pay $175.00 CAD plus tax for each ticket through Ticket-master. Still we had enough to purchase the drink tickets. We arrived early about 11:10 AM. The concert hours 11:00AM – 11:00 PM.
    The line up outside was minimal. They had just started to open the doors as we walked up to the line. We were so excited while entering the security pat down asking to those in uniforms as to where the V.I.Ps’ go. Finally we got into the concert area and collected our V.I.P pass, arm bracelets, free t- shirt, Rock the Bells knapsack and Scan-disk necktie with glowing pulsating blue necklace that says”WAKE UP YOUR PHONE”. As we scrambled through our knapsacks to seek the contents we were being instructed to please show armbands and pass when entering the designated area. So fun. We heard the bass it was Supernatural. Our eyes lit up like kids in a candy-shop. We walked through a thinned out crown to gain entry to the designated V.I.P area. The beats followed into the sounds and performance by Kids In The Hall. Scratch, DJ Green Lantern, B Real as the hosts of the show. The following appearances remained up to par as it was a great venue. Hopefully they will return to Toronto again or we could possibly go to another city to watch the show from beginning to end. The thinned out crowd that was became thicker and the line ups for the bathrooms and V.I.P became longer.

    We had noticed at around 4:30 PM they had to hold back people for the entry to the Bud tent for V.I.P. Who cared really. Not us. We were thankful to even be there. They announced that Rakim was delayed due to an accident. Hopefully he was O.K. A true talent in which we had missed.
    The reason why I am writing is to explain the events that occurred as we came upon an issue which had removed the three of us from the concert. We had just came back from a bathroom break slowly stumbling through the well developed crowd towards the designated area. As we were walking through Security check towards a line being formed a guy and his girlfriend were off to the side of the line. The security guard woman was instructing him to move into the line on the right as people were exiting on the left through the gates. He looked at her as if he was unimpressed with her instruction. He asked my boyfriend to “step aside” putting his nose in a rather awkward position on my boyfriends face. My boyfriend said “I’m not moving go to the end of the line ..there was maybe six or seven people including myself and our friend. The security guard again instructed him to move to the side. He than nudged my boyfriend in which a response was to push back. He pushed the guy the guy retaliated with a really hard push knocking my boyfriend into the metal gates behind us hurting him you could see because his reaction was to grab the guy and remove him from where we were so i wouldn’t get hurt. The guy took a punch to my boyfriends chin as he tried to gain his awareness from his punch, he than punched the guy with all he could. My boyfriend was than pinned by two of the guys friends and than our friend went to pull those guys off of my boyfriend. We left the area to make sure his face was O.K and to go get air outside to calm down. A few moments went by we decided to check our belongings, realizing that my boyfriends NY hat was gone we went back in the area to try and find it. We decided to get some water and ice while we were there looking along the floor. It was gone. The guy pointing at us with his friends while still looking for the hat I had waved and had said the words “sorry” He looked at me and gave a knod. So I thought we were fine with what happened. He remained with his group. We had continued with watching the concert and felt comfortable to order drinks. I talked about apologizing About a half hour later it was around 5:30 Pm we were approached by a security guard and some guy asking us to leave the building. I asked who he was as he had no name tag. He just looked as though he was a part of the crowd. He said “I don’t have to give you my name” He was rude to the point were all was calm and than grabbed my boyfriends arm. I asked the security who he was and he said “I don’t know I am just assisting him” as we slowly walked out towards backstage condiments area. I was trying to insist he tell me who he was and suggested that if we are being removed that the other person should be too. I asked him this time “don’t you think it should be both parties being removed than just us?” until he said responded “look that guy is my boss” He is a record producer” pointing in the direction of were we were. He insisted again that we get out of the building. So we did. This ended our experience at the Rock the Bells 2008 Tour. i don’t know who this guy was but he obviously had power and money and likes to show that to his friends and company. I would like to find out what company he represents. but that it probably a lost cause.