Aug 30, 2007

Sage Francis – Hoofprints in the Sand [Video]


New Sage Francis video from his new album.


  1. Simon fuckin Lexington

    quit trying to change the world with a rap song

  2. Balzac



    its sage francis. thats what he does lol

  3. Balzac

    yeah i heard it wasn’t too good.

    this track is real nice though.

  4. Simon fuckin Lexington

    lol, no doubt, you have no idea how big of a hard-on i have for sage. his new album shafts rod though (in a bad way)

  5. Simon fuckin Lexington

    ***excuse the rediculously phallic post. ha

  6. honestly i ain’t liking this….non prophets sage is where it’s at

  7. Timbulb

    Good song, boring video.

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