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July 29, 2016

Scallops Hotel (Milo) – too much of life is mood

New 40 min continuous mix of track (intended to be a cassette only release) from Milo… as Scallops Hotel.

Track listing
1. too much of life is mood
2. hank dumas’ thoughts
3. niopo tree stipend
4. a beat for cousin Harry
6. teton village cave dweller
7. a gasp of vast aire (black balloons)
8. acting thinking feeling
9. noises people of color make
10. Sun Ro Files Vol. 3
11. a handful of mulberry berries
12. taking a nap
13. ahmad jabar, wizard and friend
14. discussing lanquidity with the Moor ft SB the Moor
15. a groove for Cara Jane
16. ninth day at the grocery
17. holy water is not for quenching thirst
18. sadik made me these slippers
19. different vibes from ro
20. primordial rhythm bopper’s equation
21. sunology research center grand opening
22. 2