December 14, 2014

Scatty Stormborn & Sixo – Thin Error EP ft. Bleubird, David Ramos, Onry Ozzborn, Cas One

Part of Fake Four’s #FREEcember.

Scott Kidd has been making music under the name of Scatty Stormborn for quite some time now & it’s noticeable upon first listen. This dude is no slouch on the mic! I first became familiar with him because of a collaboration he did with my friends Sadistik & Maker some years back. During the time while I was locked up up in 2013, Scatty took it upon himself to generously contribute to the Indiegogo campaign that singlehandedly kept Fake Four alive! This EP is a product of those collaborations & it means a lot to me personally even if I’m not involved in the making of the music. Close Fake Four family members produced & are featured artists on this release and the quality of the music is top notch. I’m really happy & proud to present this to everyone almost one year after my release from prison. Hope you all feel it as much as I do. Thank you Scott & Thank you to all supporters who have kept Fake Four growing!
– Ceschi

This project is the product of a good opportunity stemmed from the wrongful prosecution of an even better man. I struggled putting the pieces together. It didn’t feel right, morally. I feared being viewed as an opportunist; or as a scumbag exploiting the hard work of others. I simply wanted to create music that someone might connect to. Hopefully some of you will find that connection. I shared these troubles with artists that I look up to and respect, all of whom assured me that contributing to a label in need of support was not a characteristic found in vultures. This eased my worries. I’d like to thank Fake Four Inc for sharing my Thin Error EP; Sixo for kicking ass on the production; Bleubird, Cas One, David Ramos and Onry Ozzborn for making me question every aspect of my rapping abilities; Nightwalker for cleaning everything up and adding the finishing touches; and I’d like to sincerely thank YOU for taking the time to lend an ear. Long live Fake Four. – Scatty Stormborn