April 6, 2009

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ [trailer]

The first Guitar Hero / Rock Band type of Hip Hop Video games are arriving this year. Mix Master Mike and Numark are part of the team behind 7 Studios’ Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. The Beastie Boys DJ has even gone so far as to claim “Scratch Will Be Bigger Than Guitar Hero.” Among the music licensed for the game are tracks from Kanye West, Tech N9ne, Run DMC, and Deltron 3030.

In Scratch’s competitor’s news, DJ Shadow was recently spotted at SXSW playing in front of a banner for Activision’s upcoming DJ Hero.

10 Responses

  1. finally, a game that I will be better than my friends at… hopefully

  2. this looks gay pushing buttons that makes scratching sounds over vocals tracks.
    real awesome.

  3. im pretty sure everyone once said the same things about GH– Relax, im sure mix master mike wouldnt put his stamp of approval if it wasnt legit

  4. they didn’t even show any video of the controllers or anything. might be fun.

    its just a video game, funny some of you are getting salty about it