Sep 24, 2008

Serengeti & Hi-Fidel – Friday Night


Serengeti & Hi-Fidel - Friday Night

Serengeti & Hi-Fidel - Friday Night

From Friday Night’s myspace:

Peep it! The new record from Serengeti + Hi-Fidel follows the story of two co-workers as they venture out for a wild night on the town. Featuring original music by Grilla + Ish (Breakfast), guest appearances from Black Spade and The 87 Stick-Up Kids, and guest vocals from Vee Ness and Jessica Neal of TeLuv!

This download will be for a limited time only so cop your album early and tell yer friends!!!

Thanks for your support!

Peace & Respect,

More UGSMAG coverage on Serengeti here


  1. max prime

    serengeti’s awesome

  2. i got his one cd with whales on it, but i think they all might have whales on it

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