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June 6, 2010

Six Ton Armor

Six Ton Armor
One need not be a consumer of Afghan hash or LSD to appreciate good psych music. Let Six Ton Armor show you the way. Curated by vinyl collector and psych music aficionado Black Olsun and illustrated by Rimrimrim, Six Ton Armor brings you the psychcast, a dose of psych records mixed by various producers (like No, Morti Viventear, and Tenshun) in a free online stream/download. Black Olsun shares a few thoughts.

Define the term psychcast and what you folks over at Six Ton Armor are doing, specifically what your role is/are and where you are based out of.

Psychcast is psychedelic podcast, since my English is average I’m still wondering if it doesn’t have a terrible double sense. Does it? I’m a record collector for 10+ years, started getting serious about psych music, was a big fan of the Doc Delay / Cherrystones / Votel / etc mixes, and I basically wanted to connect psych diggers and offer them a platform to show the world their crates. The purpose is to share those god damn records, maybe convert new listeners, and if it helps the selector to shine a little, it doesn’t hurt. Rimrimrim is my partner in crime, he designed entirely the site and create a new artwork for each podcast… he never sleeps. We’re from both ends of France. I get the sunny part.

How did you connect with the artists who have presented mixes?

Mostly that’s ‘internet connections’, since we’re dealing with artists all around the globe… I’m in contact with Tenshun for like 6 years, 1 year for Morgue, then some people hit me to ask if they can contribute. I never had a bad surprise though, they mostly know what they’re talking about and got good crates. Also, I’m trying to reach artists that have been inspiration for STA over the years… I have a couple that seemed interested, some that didn’t answer… I feel lucky every time it happens, because we’re a young site and clearly people don’t do it for for the hype.

How did you hook up with Rimrimrim? What else does he do when he’s not freaking tripped out graphics for Six Ton Armor?

I think we were chatting on the same boards for several years now, eventually he met my cousin Yum when he moved to Lille (they’re both graphic artists), and I met him in person last year on a playground, when he gave me the Shawn Bradley treatment. This guy got arms! I really liked his work, contacted him a few months ago with my idea, and he was into it! Rimrimrim has a family and a day job, he doesn’t got a lot of time for himself but put it into STA. He likes to draw on table corners with his daughter, start canvas that he never finishes and when the weather is nice (which never really happens in the cold North) he likes to burn stacks of woods with a magnifying glass.

The website mentioned expanding…what physical items would you like to release?

We’re working on it right now. I can’t spoil everything yet, but let’s say for now we will focus on mix-cds.. hopefully one day vinyls, I don’t know… anyway, that first release will hopefully see the light this fall and it’s the bomb. I’m really proud of it. We’ll be posting about it when it’s ready!

Write the first things that come to mind with the following phrase: LSD and Flange

Life Sucks Die? –great magazine! Flange… let me check my dictionary first… is it a drug related term? are you trying to say psych music is for junkies?

What are your favorite three psych releases?

Tough to answer. I really hate the “ultimate best 10 record list” thing, since it’s constantly evolving, especially for a genre that I’m still exploring… I can give you 3 records I’m listening a lot lately though:

  • Ars Nova – Sunshine & Shadows (It’s quite rare to find solid psych LP from A to Z I think… I can listen this one entirely without skipping once).
  • Aphrodite’s Child – 666 (Just found a NM copy for 3 euros in a local thrift store… the pic cover has a huge potential of attraction. Nice concept album. Demis Roussos on bass!)
  • Wolf People – Tidings (It’s from this year, but it’s as good as it gets… go grab your copy! The Tame Impala LP is dope too.)

What else should people know about Six Ton Armor?

I’m the descendant of Roald Amundsen. nuff said.

Shout outs

Big shout out to Rimx3 of course, Almyum the Human High and most importantly GO CELTICS!!! Also, please visit vulgar.bigcartel.com so we can buy wax AND eat. Thanks for the opportunity!


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  1. This shit is really cool. I checked out their casts. Anybody know how to get in touch with them? I’ve got a hell of a collection myself and would love to do one of these.

    1. You can hit him at this adress : blackolsun[at]gmail[dot]com

      ..Nice interview.
      I guess Mr.Olsun didn’t feel like revealing his true identity(ies), which could have lead to a few bonus questions, but it’s still a good read…