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October 5, 2007

soso – Tinfoil on the Windows

soso - Tinfoil on the Windowssoso’s new album Tinfoil on the Windows is a collaboration with Indie-Rocker and fellow Saskatoonian Maybe Smith. Look for the album in stores November 13th on Clothes Horse Records / Endemik Music in North America and, as of today (Oct 5th), is available on Hue Records in Japan.

check for soso on tour:

Oct 6 – POP Montreal, O Patro Vys
Oct 7 – Ottawa, Mavericks
Oct 8 – Toronto, Now Lounge
Oct 20 – WCMA, Moose Jaw, SK
Nov 26 – Cairo. Wurzburg, Germany
Nov 29 – Ausland. Berlin, Germany
Dec 2 – ilahu Rovaniemi, Finland
Dec 5 – Twenty One Sound Pub. Paris, France
Dec 7 – Clipper Pub. Rouen, France

14 Responses

  1. just to let ya know
    on the clotheshorse site
    under media
    at the top
    it says “recyclone and soso”
    but its actually Thesis Sahib
    just in case someone wants to fix that
    keep the good music comin, always a fan

  2. im really disappointed with this album. the soso i became a fan of actually made BEATS and RAPPED (sort of) over them. this record sounds more like an ambient will oldham record – its a folk album, not an avant-garde/art-hop album as he claims…hopefully after the fallout of this album he’ll go back to emceeing and not trying to fix what wasnt broken

  3. I much prefer Soso’s more evolved rhythmically-spoken-but-not-really-rap style of delivery that he’s rocking now to his “RAPPED (sort of)” style of previous days. I think it’s a sign of maturity when an artist forges his own path like this instead of continuing to try and shoe-horn himself into an established form of rocking. Look at what happened when labelmate/signee Thesis Sahib took his style out of the rap-shackles… best record of his career.

    I say bravo Soso.

  4. who would release an album that you can even stick in a genre? hey soso fan, so far you are the only person i have heard say they hope this album fails and he goes back to his beats. i respect (sort of) your opinion but i was just pointing that out.

    next album from soso i heard was being produced by wil oldham actually…. correct me if i am wrong

  5. i like the older albums better but i also like the old peanuts and corn and old buck 65 cd’s so who knows.

  6. this album is amazing. i cant get enough of it, neither can the people I’ve passed it around to.
    always impressed by soso’s work.

  7. As a fan I think one of the few legitimate expectations you can/should place on an artist is to evolve and push boundaries. Some artists push more than others. You’re entitled not to like it but I think the end result is better for the artist and music in general.

    I can understand if someone is missing the s900/rap ethos from previous recordings (they are still there if you listen closely) but in my opinion this album is a welcome addition to the discography. It’s incredibly layered and damn interesting.

  8. im not hoping this album fails, i wish soso great success and fortune in all his endeavors and such and such. but birthday songs was one of the first rap albums i listened to, and it affected me so much that it was *the one* album that got me into hip-hop. i have a soft spot in my heart for soso, so when he takes such a radical new direction – a direction that is barely recognizable to his previous albums – i cant help but feel disenchanted. im not hoping for failure, just hoping that this isnt the end of his beat making rapping days, and i think a lot of his fans feel the same way.

  9. Im a huge soso fan and I think this allbum is incredible
    all artists have to grow / change thats the way it is
    I think soso i evolving into one of the best canadian artists out there
    and should get a fucking juno