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July 3, 2008

Summer Fling 2008: July 25-26

Summer Fling 2008

The 4th Annual Summer Fling Hip Hop / Art Jam is being held in Saskatoon July 25-26. Along with the emcee battle and graffiti jam, this year also features performances from Nocando (Project Blowed – 2007 Scribble Jam MC Battle Champ) , Joe Dub, Epic, Nolto, The Gumshoe Strut, Politic Live, Deepcave, LBA, Deezus, The Gaff and many more!

King of the Fling 2008

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Summer Fling 2008
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Summer Fling Rap Up

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8 Responses

  1. this is gonna be awesome. its been a few years since i’ve partied in saskatoon.

  2. God dammit… it’s basically exactly when I’m moving to Ottawa.

    I really, really wanted to see this go down.

    Ah well.