Sep 15, 2009

Swollen Members Feat. Tre Nyce & Young Kazh – “Warrior” video


First video from Armed to the Teeth,(October 13th).


  1. holy shit this really bad.
    the track itself was bad but this video just cranked up the suck knob tenfold.

  2. Avatar Balzac

    song is growing on me

  3. Avatar rickroo

    lol. rocksteady.

  4. ^I was going to say the same as Balzac, mainly because the video made me realize (duhh!) that the guy on the chorus wasn’t a coked out Madchild trying to sing and be all autotuned… haha

  5. Young Kazh ain’t got nuthin on Old Kaz!

  6. they are still using autotune

  7. ^I know. Still gay, but i hated it MORE thinking that madchild was the one using it.

  8. I like it, Swollen is fuckin dope

  9. Avatar sad_child

    i think all the drugs turned his brain to mush, cuz he cant rhyme anymore.

  10. Avatar xcxaxsxexyx

    swollen members mayne!!! always keepin it 100 out there in vancity. cant wait to cop this shit 4 real. one of the best rap groups alive.

  11. its actually not bad at all

  12. I’m feelin’ this, the autotune is tame on this one – not even that big a deal.

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