James Reindeer – “Black Monoliths Over New Jerusalem”

New visuals from Reindeer's upcoming LP, Field Reports From The Western Lands on Anette Records.

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VIDEO: James Reindeer – “Description of a Struggle”

Video off of James Reindeer's new album, Field Reports From The Western Lands (dropping March 30th).

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Babelfishh – To Do Without

Video for the title track from Babelfishh's new 7-inch, To Do Without, a 7 song mini album out now on Mism Records.

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shotgun howling by babelfishh & james p honey

Babelfishh & James P Honey – Shotgun Howling

In the age of internet collaborations it’s shockingly refreshing to hear such a raw and intimately crafted project from a duo. ...

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Speaking with Babelfishh about his creative process, music, life and more. 667.

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Jamesreindeer - "????????"

Budapest – “Red” feat. James Reindeer [Live]

jamesreindeer.bandcamp.com jamesreindeer.blogspot.com facebook.com/jamesreindeermusic

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Edison – No Three Men Make a Tiger

a record made from my frustrations…. with commoditized music… social internet attention inversion…. the new musical nihilism… peoples full obsession with letting phone companies completely ...

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Tenshun & Babel Fishh – “Arm in a Grinding Wheel”

Video and song from their double 7-inch release on Ooohh! That’s Heavy (US) / Mism Records (EU).

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Evak & Edison – Six Pack O’ Death

Six Pak O' Death is part 2 of Decorative Stamp's 667 Series...

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Babel Fishh & Edison – 667: The Guild We Hold Close

Brand new EP from Babel Fishh & Edison out now on Decorative Stamp in either digital or ultra-limited hand-made cd format.

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San Francisco based beat maker and monome builder. Edison has been button pushing his way to a high seat as a beat lord, especially after the recent release of the Les Swashbuckling Napoleons album 'Fuck!'

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