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Uncommon Nasa

Uncommon Nasa, formerly known as Adam Warlock, formerly of The Presence. The founder of Uncommon Records, an indie prog rap label home to acts such

Uncommon Records – Uncommon Burners 2

New compilation featuring Prince Po, Short Fuze, Nasa, Agartha Audio, Taiyamo Denku, Adam Warlock, Aeon Grey, Pruven, Atari Blitzkrieg, Eleven, Passive65ive, Acid Reign and more.

Gajah - Poverty's Prodigy [Remixed]
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Gajah – Poverty’s Prodigy [Remixed]

New album featuring remixes by Mute Speaker, Duke Westlake, Graves33, EQ, Agartha Audio, Dmn Slyr, Bornagen Baldwin & Bee Ampersand. Poverty’s Prodigy [remixed] by Gajah

ADAM – The Early Life of ADAM

New album from ADAM (formerly Adam Warlock) our now on Uncommon Records. Features production from Nasa, Willie Green, Subtitle, Lyle Horowitz, Agartha Audio, Megabusive, Waatu

Dig Dug (Agartha Audio)

Dig Dug (Agartha Audio)

Producer of the Agartha Audio collective, who’s LP ‘The Hollow Earth’ is based on the sci-fi conspiracy theory known as the Reptilian Agenda.