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Buck 65

Buck 65 - Dirtbike 4

Buck 65 – Dirtbike 4

https://soundcloud.com/buck65/dirtbike-4 An hour of extreme self-indulgence by the old Canadian. Jorun Bombay made the beat for the “don’t wanna live here anymore” song. Deepstar made


Buck 65 – “The Hole”

https://soundcloud.com/buck65/the-hole Great new Buck 65 track, an ode to Toronto tunnel builder Elton McDonald. Beat and raps by Buck 65. Catch Buck on tour with

Jel - Live @ The Grammies

Jel – Live @ The Grammies

Collection of remixes from the early 2000’s. Previously only compiled for a Japanese tour CD. Ft: General Electrics, Dj Krush / Black Thought, Themselves, Idiot