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October 4, 2016

Buddy Peace & Buck 65 – Studebaker

“All the way back in 2009, Buck and I set about creating a project based entirely on words and drums. Among fire, earth, wind and water, words and drums are basically two of my favourite elements.

I started things off on the 15th of April that year by sending him a rough sketch containing a ton of drum programming and breaks, combined with some little verbal obstacles for him to manoeuvre and play with. He sent back a vocal demo and it was stone cold killer from the beginning to the bitter end. Brutal.

Since then, plates filled up or got increasingly hard to spin/juggle, and this humble project lounged in the garage under a sturdy dust jacket, hopefully awaiting a future unveiling…

I managed later on to wrench the acapella out of the demo, as I was fiending to crank it all up again as it always sounded ill as hell to me, and I really wanted to play it to people! So, after some fine tuning and wheel balancing (and further car analogy tweakage) down the line, here is our freshly painted and road-ready beast, hungry for the open road and with a worn out cassette melted into the stereo.

A mere seven years later, we proudly present ‘Studebaker’!
Please enjoy. It gets heavy. You’ll like it.” – Buddy Peace

RAPS: Buck 65 • buck65.com
BEATS/PROGRAMMING/ART/MASTER: Buddy Peace • buddypeace.com