Crash Silverback (The Dirty Sample) & Max Muthaphukin’ Stax (Max Prime) – Candy & Coombs

After sitting unreleased in the rap vaults for 7+ years the Candy & Coombs album is now out on digital/cassette via Hand'Solo Records. Features from Addvice, Chadio, Ira Lee, Touch and the late Royal-T.

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VIDEO: Chadio – “5s Up” Prod. by Calamalka

Video for the title track from Chadio’s 5s Up EP; available on 12″ vinyl and digital

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Chadio – 5s Up EP

New EP from Chadio out now digitally and on 12-inch vinyl. Production by Calamalka, Kline, Max Ulis, and Beamhead.

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Chadio – All Originals Vol. 2

A mix of new, old, unreleased, never heard, exclusive, rare stuff from Chadio.

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$500 USD and a Case of Red Bull

If you posted on the old UGSMAG forum back in the day you’ll definitely appreciate this tattoo.

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Azrael – Volume Room (Prod. by Metawon)

New collaboration album featuring a slew of Canadian rappers including: Birdapres, Chadio, Dragon Fli Empire, Fatt Matt, Jeff Spec, Kaboom, Tachichi ...

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Brzowski – Blooddrive Vol 3

New album of rare tracks, collaborations, demos, unreleased remixes, new songs and lost material spanning from 2006-2012. Featuring Ceschi, Chadio, Fatt ...

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Chadio – “Afterturn”

New Chadio video from his forthcoming EP. Directed by Pedro Romero & produced by Joseph Martin.

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Fatt Matt, Ira Lee, Chadio – The Blue Rodeo

The Blue Rodeo by Fatt Matt, Ira Lee, Chadio Lo-fi, unmixed, unmastered download of an album originally made and never released in ...

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Imaginations Treetrunk – EFF ESS BEE

Chadio, Azrael, Kaboom and producer Aalo Guha combine for a new Imaginations Treetrunk album, EFF ESS BEE. The album also features ...

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Chadio – Stolen Moments

Free album download from Chadio featuring a collection of his various un-albumized singles from the past five years, including tracks with Epic and Kaboom -- along with production from Aalo Guha, Ryan Stinson...

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Chadio & Azrael – Bangers & Mash

2 dope new albums from the Imaginations Treetrunk crew for free for download! Check the promo video.

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