December 8, 2020

Saskatoon Folk Rap Records – “Pandemic Crew Track”

Dope new posse cut featuring Epic, Chadio, Id Obelus, Chapter Thrive, Rob Crooks, the Gumshoe Strut, Nolto, and MC Homeless. Produced by Dren, with cuts by Chaps and samples from Tia C. Cover art by Rove.

Out now on Saskatoon Folk Rap Records as a cassette maxi-single with remixes by Dren, Defame and Deadly Stare.


The Covid-19 global pandemic of 2020 shut down the long running
Third Verse radio program from broadcasting live each and every
Wednesday 9-10:30pm CST CFCR 90.5 FM. Epic had the idea of
taking the show to Instagram live with performances, interviews
and rap talks. We initially started with performances from The
Saskatoon Folk Rap Records roster and soon ventured out to our
vast network of artist homies. It was during these performances
that Chaps had the idea to do a posse cut and to release it as a
maxi cassette single. We soon enlisted the talents of Dren to
produce the posse cut, inspired by Tia C’s performance on the
live stream. Legendary freight writer and painter Rove supplied an
incredible original painting and we were set for a pandemic themed
super crew track. Well sort of. There were some challenges with
the recordings as the pandemic limited access to studios, Epic was
forced to record his verse over the phone jail house style. We
reached out further to some incredible producers Defame and the
Deadly Stare for some help on the remixes. Enjoy!