Third Verse Extra

Join Chapter Thrive and Chaps as they bring you conversations with the very best in Indie Canadian Hip Hop.

Chapter Thrive – “Crusade”

New Chapter Thrive track produced by Chief Beats.

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Azrael – Volume Room (Prod. by Metawon)

New collaboration album featuring a slew of Canadian rappers including: Birdapres, Chadio, Dragon Fli Empire, Fatt Matt, Jeff Spec, Kaboom, Tachichi ...

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Hustle and Thrive – The Super Professionals

Free EP from Saskatoon’s Charly Hustle and Chapter Thrive.

6 years ago by

Chapter Thrive – 27th Effort: First Lesson – Cycles

Free mixtape EP from Saskatoon’s Chapter Thrive. Featuring a guest spot from Nolto and production from Ricky Rock, Kain Marko, Mike ...

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Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson – 20 Something (The Beats)

Free instrumental version of Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson's 20 Something album.

8 years ago by

Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson – “By My Side”

New track from the forthcoming 20something album. Raps by Chapter Thrive and beats by Ryan Stinson.

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Alphaghetto – Twenty Something EP

Alphaghetto is... Ryan stinson - Beats. Chapter Thrive - Raps. Free download of their EP.

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