Feb 17, 2010

Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson – “By My Side”


Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson - "By My Side"

Download: http://soundcloud.com/ryanstinson/chapter-thrive-ryan-stinson-by-my-side

New track from the forthcoming 20something album. Raps by Chapter Thrive and beats by Ryan Stinson. The album features guest appearances from Ira Lee, Lexington, SkizzAfrantik, and more.

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  1. chapter thrive

    thanks ugsmag!

    much appreciated!

  2. Royal-T

    sick beat, chapter thrive stepping his gAME UP ON THE MIC TOO. DOPE

  3. Balzac

    that beat is out of hand

    love the drums

  4. thanks for checkin this out and glad to hear you guys are digging this

    I was definitely trying something new when i did this beat.

  5. chaps

    Beat is dope track, is tight! Chapter Thrive and Ryan Stinson will be rolling by ThirdVerse this coming Wednesday 9-10:30pm CST cfcr 90.5 Saskatoon http://www.cfcr.ca for live stream.

  6. Dope, always like Stinson’s beats from what I’ve heard. I agree with Royal T that Thrive’s stepped it up on the mic to.

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