Third Verse: Episode 24 – Nolto

Interview with Nolto (Sideroad Records), speaking on his humble beginnings as an unsuccessful DJ, his three albums, touring, concept albums and a whole lot more!

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Skizza – WaveyBoy

New free album from Saskatoon based Skizza featuring guest spots from Nolto, Ovaflow, Bex and more.

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VIDEO: Nolto & Factor – A Children’s Game (10:16am, October 3rd, 1995)

New video for a great song from Nolto & Factor’s third album, Scott Free… Red Handed.

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Nolto & Factor – “A Children’s Game – 10:16am, October 3, 1995”

New single from Nolto and Factor’s concept album Scott Free… Red Handed, out now.

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Nolto & Dren – Noltferatu & Drencula

Halloween themed album from Saskatoon’s Nolto & Dren fka Write Brothers / Platter Prophets.

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Nolto and Ryan Holaday – “Die Slow” (Live)

New Nolto and Ryan Holaday live video.

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Noblonski – “Mila Kunis” ft. Nolto

From German producer Noblonski’s Don’t forget the Chaos album, which also features guest spots from Ira Lee, If Anything and Thorts.

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Nolto – To Which He Replied ‘Life Isn’t Fair’

Unreleased song from many years ago. Beat by Dren.

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Nolto and Ryan Holaday – “Veronica” (Live)

Nolto and Ryan Holaday perform live.

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Chapter Thrive – 27th Effort: First Lesson – Cycles

Free mixtape EP from Saskatoon’s Chapter Thrive. Featuring a guest spot from Nolto and production from Ricky Rock, Kain Marko, Mike ...

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Factor – Club Soda Series 2

Factor’s new EP is out today and features Evil Ebenezer, Laika (Kay the Aquanaut and Factor), Def 3, Moka Only, Cam ...

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Side Road Records – “Colour Scheme” (Prod. Factor) Feat. Kay the Aquanaut, Cam the Wizzard, Def 3, M.Phasis, Nolto and Forgetful Jones

New Side Road crew track produced by Factor; featuring Kay the Aquanaut, Cam the Wizzard, Def 3, M.Phasis, Nolto and Forgetful Jones. Bass: Enver Hampton, Guitar: Levitron.

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