September 10, 2015

VIDEO: Nolto & Factor – A Children’s Game (10:16am, October 3rd, 1995)

New video for a great song from Nolto & Factor’s third album, Scott Free… Red Handed. The video features Nolto, Factor, and Chaps. The video was produced and directed by Andrea Cessna (A Paperplane Production). Buy the song/album:


The rules of the playground have been laid down since before first grade ‘round kindergarten it’s the first thing we learn – while we’re thirsting to learn – they tell us where to go and where not, rehearsing each turn. supervised – they yell “danger danger, make sure your shoes are tied.” The teacher’s in the general corridor, and Billy, he had several wars with her: It’s Billy’s first day back since being suspended. she knew it wouldn’t last but she still pretended. she was in the general corridor, yeah she’s an alphabetical orderer. She said “You’re drawing outside of the lines again Billy. Ryan, go outside try to find a friend, really. It’s recess, don’t you wanna run around a bit?” She asked maliciously but wasn’t really proud of it. Ryan’s crying holdin his stomach, he’s going to squeal, still she’s hoping he doesn’t. Ryan points at Billy – Billy acts surprised – and then demands that ryan take back those lies. Ryan’s like half his size and she knows Billy wouldn’t give it even if he had an alibi. The teacher can’t exactly look at their minds, she needs some unbiased eyes to decide and Ryan provided mine, “Scott saw it happen” – which was true, but I took off when it happened. I was outta there, pretended to be unaware, and quickly joined an already in progress game of double-dare…

And there I saw a smart girl throw a rock at the principal’s car
left an unsightly scar, to which the group played an integral part
we thought it was a game – then again most rituals are
even when we get caught (then especially)

I was on the playground that we share with the public school, where we learn to play a lot of games with a hundred rules – like don’t fuck with Billy; Billy doesn’t play nice. He’s bigger and older, he failed the fifth grade twice. We learned that too and other important stuff: “treat him like a statue, and he’ll go on ignoring us.” “if someone gets punched (remember) statues don’t punch, because if you say otherwise, he’ll catch you at lunch.” and he’ll do more than just take your orange juice. If you try to run away you just get more abuse. Ask Ryan, he’s hopin that the lessons will end. but slow learners will get tested again. you you you and all the rest of your friends should just walk away from this. It’s in all our best interests – even the teachers’.

Billy’s not afraid to go home for three days, but I’m not prepared to put him there. Silly, all the games that we know and we play, nobody can quit – I wouldn’t dare. So the turn that I took was a play by the book, “I can’t recall the details of every way that I look.” I’d like to grow up to be an old man; the school doesn’t have a witness protection program. and there’s no video recorders in the corners of the corridors, because you can bet if they had, they woulda caught those kids who stole the very expensive electric scales from the chemistry lab. “my memory’s bad,” or at least that’s what I told told her, “I was much too far away maybe if I was closer.” I concluded finally, “I didn’t see a violent scene, Ryan looks fine to me. It’s not like he’s bleeding or anything.” Billy’s smarter than that, give him some credit.

“I was a child of the eighties, growing up in the nineties”

That’s right, I lied. Oh well, my mask worked fine.
This is not the last, nor the first time. (I wouldn’t trust me)
I’ve learned the rules, therefore how to break them
Your control of the school is mistaken. (I cannot trust you).

“I threw a rock ‘n I ran… cause I could”