Makegodcry (Mike Ladd + Zucchini Drive) – “Moscow”

Look for the album Big Tear Blue Sky coming out Dec 13th on Marathon of Dope.

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Marathon of Dope – Label Sampler Winter 2012

Featuring Mike Ladd, Passage, Pip Skid, Nomad, Zucchini Drive, Birdapres, KaeoFLUX, Elissa P, Rob Crooks, The Gumshoe Strut, Nestor Wynrush, John ...

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Speed Dial 7 – 11

11, the new album by Speed Dial 7 is out now for free download; featuring Mike Ladd, Pip Skid, Passage, Nomad, Skratch Bastid, Birdapres, Yy, and more.

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Speed Dial 7 – First You Love It (ft. Nomad & Elissa P) video

The first single from Speed Dial 7's upcoming album 11. Download the song here.

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Marathon of Dope – Compilation Vol. 1 [free download]

Free Marathon of Dope compilation featuring new and unreleased tracks from Mike Ladd, Speed Dial 7, Zucchini Drive, Passage, Pip Skid, Yy, Nomad, Gumshoe Strut, Birdapres, John Smith, KaeoFLUX, Bleubird, Nuccini, Madame Psychosis and Elissa P.

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Speed Dial 7 – Short Rich Apocalypse

Zucchini Drive’s Tom De Geeter has released his first solo album under the moniker Speed Dial 7. Short Rich Apocalypse features collaborations with Mike Ladd, M Sayyid, Passage, K-the-I???, Rob Sonic, Pip Skid, John Smith, Bidrapres, Bleubird and more!

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Speed Dial 7 – “State Trooper” ft. Passage (Restiform Bodies), Elissa P, Marcus Graap & Pip Skid

Second single from Short Rich Apocalypse, the upcoming album from Speed Dial 7. B-Side of this single is called “Plague” and features Marcus Graap and Mike Ladd.

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Zucchini Drive – Shotgun Rules (Instrumentals)

Zucchini Drive producers Mon.Key.Pod have posted up the instrumental version of the new album for download, including two remixes with vocals...

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