October 27, 2010

Speed Dial 7 – Short Rich Apocalypse

Speed Dial 7 - Short Rich Apocalypse

Download: http://marathonofdope.com/?p=1183

Zucchini Drive’s Tom De Geeter has released his first solo album under the moniker Speed Dial 7. Short Rich Apocalypse features collaborations with Mike Ladd, M Sayyid, Passage, K-the-I???, Rob Sonic, Pip Skid, John Smith, Bidrapres, Bleubird and more! Download the album for free or purchase the CD from Marathon of Dope (vinyl coming from Vlas Vegas Records.

Track Listing:
01. Back Porch Blues (feat. Buddy Peace)
02. Dog Collar Blues (feat. Infesticons & Rob Sonic)
03. N.E.E.D.L.E. (feat. Passage, Marcus Graap, Elissa P & John Smith)
04. Short Rich Apocalypse (feat. Buddy Peace)
05. Slow Motion Cocaine (feat. Mike Ladd, Nomad, K-the-I???, Bleubird & Marcus Graap)
06. Poker Faces (feat. B-Flat, Pip Skid & Birdapres)
07. Satellites (feat. M Sayyid & Mike Ladd)
08. State Trooper (feat. Passage, Elissa P, Marcus Graap & Pip Skid)
09. Outro Routine (feat. KaeoFLUX)