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Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 28 – Finale with DJ Hunnicutt

In this final episode, mcenroe is joined once again by DJ Hunnicutt to go over the series and cover a grab bag of topics – a few Farm Fresh rarities, their encounters with Narduar, The Hummers, Hunnicutt’s loss of sight, P&C Cribs, other Winnipeg artists, and what is next for the label.

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Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 4 – DJ Hunnicutt & mcenroe

In this episode, mcenroe and DJ Hunnicutt talk about getting started with Farm Fresh, recording in Toronto with Rheostatics, and playing highlights from Hunnicutt’s beat making and scratch chorus work for the label. Plus watch a bonus live video of “Betamax”.

Third Verse: Episode 26 – mcenroe
Third Verse Podcast

Third Verse: Episode 26 – mcenroe

We connected with mcenroe of Peanuts and Corn fame and got an extremely entertaining rundown of the history of his career. Starting with Farm Fresh 25 years ago, creating and distributing some of Canada’s greatest rap records.

Farm Fresh 25th Anniversary Ep. 1
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Peanuts & Corn – Farm Fresh 25th Anniversary Podcast Ep. 1

In the first episode, DJ Hunnicutt (Tyler Sneesby), Pip Skid (Patrick Skene) and mcenroe (Rod Bailey) go through their first demo recordings from 1990-1992 and talk about the origins of Farm Fresh and how they managed to produce hip hop in Brandon, Manitoba.

Manitoba Days (Peanuts & Corn Megamix)
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Manitoba Days (Peanuts & Corn Megamix) Fan-made tribute mix to Peanuts & Corn, one of the most important record labels in Canadian rap history. Compiled by Pseudzero, the mix coincides