January 30, 2018

Third Verse: Episode 26 – mcenroe

Third Verse: Episode 26 – mcenroe
Illustration by 319 Heads

We connected with mcenroe of Peanuts and Corn fame and got an extremely entertaining rundown of the history of his career. Starting with Farm Fresh 25 years ago, he’s been a stalwart of the Canadian rap scene, creating, publishing and distributing some of Canada’s greatest rap records, as well as nourishing numerous scenes around the prairies and beyond! Great discussion here, reminiscing about Pip Skid and DJ Hunnicut, the move to Vancouver, releasing the Alleged Legends album and More!

Tracks featured in this episode:
Check the Track – Farm Fresh (Played out 94-96)
Earnings Warning – mcenroe (Factory Seconds)
Nothing is Cool – mcenroe and Birdapres (Nothing is Cool)
Untitled Fourteen – mcenroe (Billy’s Vision)
The Original – mcenroe (The Ethics EP)