Third Verse: Episode 29 – Josh Martinez

Conversation with Josh Martinez covering his early beginnings working with DJ Moves, to the Chicharones and more.

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Manitoba Days (Peanuts & Corn Megamix)

Fan-made tribute mix to Peanuts & Corn, one of the most important record labels in Canadian rap history. Compiled by Pseudzero, ...

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Sirvis – “Birds And The Worm” feat. Josh Martinez (prod. Atrium)

Title track from Sirvis’ new album Birds And The Worm, dropping Sept 18th.

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The Bad Tenants – “One of Those Days” feat. Josh Martinez

From their Mostly People album, out now.

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Josh Martinez – “Lay Down My Dogs”

New video from Blotto. Directed by Sapient. Beat by Sapient.

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Los Feo Faces – WotDogLikeGo Episode 13 (ft. Chicharones, JFK, Everybody Knows)

TV show from the Los Feo Faces collective. This episode focuses on the 2010 Swine & Dash tour with Josh Martinez, ...

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Josh Martinez – “Cross That Road”

Second video from Josh Martinez’ new album, Blotto.

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Josh Martinez – “Ashes” feat. Evil Ebenezer

First video from the new Josh Martinez LP, Blotto. Directed by Stuey Kubrick and co-produced by Stuey and Sapient of Sandpeople.

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Josh Martinez – “My Jacket” feat. Ceschi & Sapient

Blotto by Josh Martinez From Josh Martinez’ upcoming album, Blotto — out Nov 19th (pre-order now).

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The Chicharones – “Eggshells”

Second video off of the Chicharones’ (Josh Martinez + Sleep) new album Swine Flew, out now. Directed by Stuey Kubrick.

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The Chicharones – “Burn it Down”

Directed by Stuey Kubrick, off of the Chicharones' (Josh Martinez + Sleep) new album Swine Flew (out June 19th).

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Chicharones – Por Que? (Pork Eh?)

Free Chicharones (Josh Martinez & Sleep) mixtape, a mash-up of classic and mainstream instrumentals, all re-imagined and re-written.

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