April 27, 2018

Third Verse: Episode 29 – Josh Martinez

Third Verse: Episode 29 – Josh Martinez
Illustration by 319 Heads

Back in February we caught up with Josh Martinez all the way from the United States! Quicker conversation, but we covered a lot of ground, from his early beginnings working with DJ Moves, to the Chicharones, from what Atmosphere means for the culture, to sports documentaries! It’s safe to say we’ll be picking this conversation back up in a future episode!

Tracks featured on this episode:
BC Trees – Josh Martinez (Buck up Princess)
Nightmare – Josh Martinez (Buck up Princess)
Go Fuck Yourself – The Chicharones (Swine Country)
Just a Doode – Josh Martinez (Midriff Music)
My Jacket ft. Ceschi, Sapient – Josh Martinez (Blotto)