MC Eleven – “Sunday Fun-day” feat. Duncecap & Gruff Lion

New video + maxi single from MC Eleven & The Karma Kids, off of their Kombinations album. Shot entirely in Hi-8 Super-VHS format.

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MC Eleven & the Karma Kids – Kombinations

MC Eleven is back this 11/11 with a brand-new album, Kombinations, alongside the Karma Kids. 11 tracks of collaborative music between ...

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Gruff Lion – Death or Evolution

New album from Gruff Lion of NYC’s Karma Kids, out now. Produced by LT Headtrip, cuts by Samurai Banana. Features include ...

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Tomorrow Kings – The Stand Alone Complex (NRTM Remixes)

Featuring production by Uncommon Nasa, DOS4GW, AM Breakups, Greetings From Tuskan, Elucid, LT Headtrip and more. The Stand Alone Complex is ...

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MC Eleven + MIDItheKID – “Wharf Rat”

New track by MC Eleven for Halloween. Produced by MIDItheKID. Spooky Scary.

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Sarcasmo – “Disgruntled”

Video from the Sarcasmo (LT Headtrip & Samurai Banana) album Cousin Id (free download).

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The SXNY Tour 2014

Presented by The Karma Kids / Uncommon Nasa / Reservoir Sound / UGSMAG.

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MC Eleven feat. DJ Addikt – “Alpha Alpha (beta version)”

New video from MC Eleven, produced by A.Smart. Off of Reservoir Sound’s Alea Iacta Est (The Die Has Been Cast) compilation ...

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DJ Dyllemma & MC Eleven – “The Golden Mirror”

The most recent addition to their album-in-the-making, Year in Review.

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Uncommon Records – Uncommon Burners 2

New compilation featuring Prince Po, Short Fuze, Nasa, Agartha Audio, Taiyamo Denku, Adam Warlock, Aeon Grey, Pruven, Atari Blitzkrieg, Eleven, Passive65ive, ...

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DJ Dyllemma & MC Eleven – “b’ak’tun”

Year In Review is an album-in-the-making by DJ Dyllemma & MC Eleven of Reservoir Sound. Releasing a new track on the ...

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