April 15, 2019

A.M. Breakups – Soldier

Great new LP from producer A.M. Breakups; featuring Skech185, Vordul Mega, Billy Woods, MC Eleven, Shortrock, K-the-I???, Junclassic, LoDeck, Elucid, and more.

I had intended to use the songs from “Out of Four Came Many Soldiers”, my previous full length release, as instrumental pieces of music, which is why I released it as such initially. But as the album and concept took shape over the years, I met many new collaborators, found that my music could be used as both a focal point in and of itself, and as a canvas to express words, and we – myself and all of the featured guests – reinterpreted and recontextualized the album’s pieces with that in mind. At first it was just a few rap songs, perhaps stuff that no one but friends and colleagues would ever get to hear, but as it grew and the time went on, I found myself with an entirely different and completely independent set of recordings. It felt somewhat similar but meant something completely different. These artists are some of the people I respect most, and represent a very specific time in music, not simply mine, but in general. Some of these recordings are very old, and some are relatively new, but I find the cohesion and focus between all of the pieces an inspiring testament to an era that has had an indelible impact on the state of affairs ever since. – A.M. Breakups