Warren Britt – With Laurel (prod. by Willie Green) LP + Video

Dope new album from Brooklyn's Warren Britt, produced entirely by Willie Green, out now on Reservoir Sound.

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Gruff Lion – Death or Evolution

New album from Gruff Lion of NYC’s Karma Kids, out now. Produced by LT Headtrip, cuts by Samurai Banana. Features include ...

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A.M. Breakups – Order of Operations

Third and final installment in Brooklyn-based producer A.M. Breakups’ Rust Trilogy series.

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Sarcasmo – “Disgruntled”

Video from the Sarcasmo (LT Headtrip & Samurai Banana) album Cousin Id (free download).

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The SXNY Tour Documentary

Tour Documentary shot on the road to SXSW featuring The Karma Kids, Uncommon Nasa, & Reservoir Sound.

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Warren Britt – “Everywhere You Are” ( feat. CHaZ VaN QueeN)

The very first single off of the Awww, You Mad? EP. Raps by Warren Britt, produced by CHaZ VaN QueeN.

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Teddy Faley – Sampler.2014

Seven songs from various projects that will be released in 2014.

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Gruff Lion

Gruff Lion – “A Story O’ Stew” feat. Googie (Video Premier + Free LP)

The first video from the just released self-titled LP by Gruff Lion (aka Web) of New York’s Karma Kids collective.

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The SXNY Tour 2014

Presented by The Karma Kids / Uncommon Nasa / Reservoir Sound / UGSMAG.

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MC Eleven feat. DJ Addikt – “Alpha Alpha (beta version)”

New video from MC Eleven, produced by A.Smart. Off of Reservoir Sound’s Alea Iacta Est (The Die Has Been Cast) compilation ...

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Hype Wonder – “Everything’s OK” b/w “Wake”

First single from the Some Sun album (out June 11th) by Brooklyn’s Hype Wonder.

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