FRKSE – Guilt Surveillance LP

Help the homie FRKSE raise funds to his new album pressed on vinyl! Check out the different incentives and packages here: indiegogo.com/FRKSE-GUILT-SURVEILLANCE-LP Our Story FRKSE


FRKSE (aka rajbot) – FRKSE

FRKSE is back with a dope new self-titled instrumental album, released limited edition style on cassette tape through a collaboration between I Had An Accident Records and Cooler Than Cucumbers.

??FRKSE (ex-members of rajbot)

FRKSE (ex-members of rajbot)

Raj chats about his new label, moving to Boston, Bollywood and more. His free ‘Rosewater’ mix is out now feat. Tenshun, Filkoe, + Brzowski.