Uncommon Nasa

Uncommon Nasa, formerly known as Adam Warlock, formerly of The Presence. The founder of Uncommon Records, an indie prog rap label ...

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Soap-box & Uncommon Records – No Dough, No Show

Free compilation album featuring The Presence, Atari Blitzkrieg, Teddy Faley, Willie Green, Kitchen Khemistry, Taiyamo Denku, Short Fuze, Agartha Audio, Megabusive, Adam Warlock and more.

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Short Fuze & Nasa – Lobotomy Music

Lobotomy Music is out now, the debut solo album from NYC rapper Short Fuze, produced by Nasa (Adam Warlock)...

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The Presence – “2010” (Prod. by Subtitle)

New track from The Presence (Adam Warlock and Cirrus Minor), produced by Subtitle. From their upcoming full length We Want the Winter...

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Agartha Audio – The Hollow Earth

Impressive album from Agartha Audio, a collective of emcees and producer Dig Dug out of Berkley, CA. The full length LP ...

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The Presence – “Hermit Kingdom” video

This is the brand new video from The Presence titled "Hermit Kingdom". The song and the video break down the current situation in North Korea...

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