August 16, 2012

Thaione Davis – Seventeen

Thaione Davis - Seventeen

Three tracks off of Thaione Davis’ new album Seventeen, dropping August 28.

After taking some time off to focus his broadly decorated fine arts, Thaione Davis returns with a brash offering of poignant lyricism over temperamental beats. Officially noted as his 8th studio album, SEVENTEEN takes shape over a non-sample based canvas and is largely self-produced by one of Chicago’s most elusive contributors to the culture. SEVENTEEN is a care-free journey of youth with no fear or inhibitions from establishment. It is the attitude of pure disregard towards failure and the premise of abandonment. It is the removal of being concerned with what the next man has, how he got it, and what he is doing with it. It is the glow of one’s own self-esteem and potential untapped. Pure grit. The overtone is calm yet the delivery is as paramount as ever. Since his original debut on vinyl, and twelve years later of rhyming, producing, and djing worldwide, it comes as no surprise the depth of control displayed and the passion that interweaves along this 13 track opus. Although there are no guest appearances on the microphone, there are a few slaps produced by his musical partner in crime, the GEAUX. With every track being played live, the array of sounds ranging from sparse upright bass, circuit bending Moog, electro-Theremin, and drippy drums combine to create collages of no nonsense hip hop. According to Thaione Davis, “I entered my first year of college when I was seventeen…no rules, no restraints, only conviction. I was the storm, and the world was the calm. It is with pleasure that you join me as I revisit the beginning of this journey…”