Nov 18, 2008

The Alchemist – “Lose Your Life” (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Pusha T & Jadakiss)



  1. I wish videos like this would make it onto TV, I dig on creative videos. Pretty good song, too….although I like Alchemist’s sampled sound more – he’s probably trying to get more publishing.

  2. stinson

    haha ive been waiting for this.. it’s just a few weeks too late

  3. yeah this is a crazy dope vid.

  4. bridgealantee

    Wow sick video. Dig the song and the cool animation.

  5. bridgealantee

    I wonder if the ratatat dude that did the comics for doggystyle and tha last meal did the animation for this. Looks like his style.

  6. ethik9

    cool video forsure. drums kinda wanna make me wanna lose my life.. but all these guys arent really my type of liking these days anyways. cool shit though..

  7. max prime

    this shit makes laugh. reminds me of the 3 muskateers cartoon movie from europe. great song.

  8. plzzzannniitt

    so dope
    jada kiss is so fresh
    Columbian neck tie

  9. SKZA

    Yeah I’ve been rocking this track for a long time, the animation was done by a cat named Devin Flynn who, aside from doing a relatively popular web-cartoon called “Y’all So Stupid” is a veteran of the Los Angeles graff scene (Relm KSN)

    After this Alchemist album, Alchemist and Oh No have a Jaylib-style album coming out where they each rap on the other’s beats that should be illy too.

  10. jawns b

    yeah, this video is very good especially for a rap…

  11. metawon

    I love this shit!

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